Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not Much Ado

As the title implies, not much going on this week so here are a few random thoughts and goings-on from the Welshrunner chronicles.

I figured out on a Greenbelt run this week that when my headlamp gets so dim that I can barely see my feet, it's probably way past the time when I should have changed the batteries. After rolling my ankle twice you would think that would cure me of my Scrooge-like ways. The sad thing is it probably won't.

I bought a new book - Essential Abs - which contains a 6 week core workout program to help formalize some of my cross training. I started it off yesterday and while the central routine seems to be solid, the style of prose is very rah-rah. Lots of waffle about "the journey to buff city" - I think the author is in serious need of a slap.

I've discovered that while camelbaks are ok for training, when it comes to races I really prefer handhelds (though I wore my old fuelbelt for last week's marathon). The only problem is that when you're carrying two bottles it's kinda difficult to tear open gel packets. The solution I found was to use a gel flask and this little device that clips into your shorts and solves the problem - brilliant. I was a little dubious because the clip looked a little bit flimsy, so I experimented with it on my long run yesterday and it worked great. I barely noticed it and was able to get at the flask while still holding both handhelds.

Had a nice run with Clea and Pancake at Walnut Creek this morning. It was good to catch up and the miles flew by. However, Walnut Creek is a very strange place at 5:30am on a rainy Sunday morning. When I pulled up there were several cars there, and several guys sitting around on park benches looking at each other. Thought I'd wandered onto the set of Blind Date, and I was very glad when Clea arrived.

And finally, Gavin came up to me this morning and requested to be put into timeout. When asked why, he informed me that he was planning on being naughty and wanted to get the punishment out of the way first. A new concept in rule enforcement - do the time and then do the crime. Needless to say, he was thwarted.


steve said...

good luck with the essential abs. nice progressive program that is fairly easy for 4 weeks and quite challenging for the final two.

i tried the gel flask holder some time ago, but thought it bounced too much whilst running. any tips for a bouncy flask?


Mark said...

Thanks - I liked the look of the program and think it will be a nice change-up to my usual core workout.

I clipped the gel flask holder onto the waistband at the front of my shorts and didn't have any problems with it bouncing around. Didn't even notice it after the first few miles.