Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Load off my Feet

Longtime readers will know that I've been having problems recently with blisters during trail ultras, and the other day I finally figured out why. My trail shoes are horribly, disgustingly filthy - some of them are so caked in mud that they are almost too stiff to get on my feet. I'm not surprised I've been getting blisters.

So I decided to do something about it, and put them all in the washing machine.

First I removed the insoles. Then I set the machine for cold water, put it on the delicate cycle, added about half a cup of detergent and let them go. All I can say is wow. They came out looking like new (especially my red Vasques). I stuffed them with newspaper and let them air dry. I tried out the Montrails this morning and they feel so much better.

And speaking of this morning, I got up super early to meet my buddy Roger for the 10 mile "hell hill" road run around Far West/Ladera Norte. Another guy called Derek joined us. He looked a little familiar and I soon realized that I had run with him for a loop of the Perdanales 12 hour race back in August (he ended up winning the race). We had a good run on what is fast becoming a favorite route for me.

Derek left after the road portion, but Roger wanted to run Kens. I was in two minds but figured I would probably run it anyway. Larry and Olga (who was visiting from Portland) joined us and we had a very pleasant time wandering around Bull Creek and exploring the "old school" route. I was glad I stayed for the trail portion.

So that's the end of my running for November. A very nice 36 mile weekend to round off a 216 mile month which I think puts me just where I want to be going into December. Next weekend is the Sunmart 50 miler (which kicks off the Texas Trilogy series) followed by the Decker half marathon the next day. Sunmart is one of my goal races - I'm feeling good and have a specific target in mind. By this time next week I will know more about where I really am.

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Ryan "GandaMan" Valdez said...

Glad to hear the shoes are working out. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at Sunmart.