Saturday, July 18, 2009

Egg and Cheese Mark-Muffin

Still no baby, so this morning Alan asked me to guide him around Bull Creek which gave me a great opportunity to do some exploring on the lower trails. I took the main path from the dogpark along the "flats", diverted off to the other side of the (completely dry) creek and looped around to the bottom of the fun downhill that used to be part of the old Kens loop. I ran up it and back along the upper trail until I got to the barricade that blocks off the upper trail. Then I turned around, ran back to the hill, down past the "mountain biker ramp of death" and enjoyed the thrill of the downhill. Back at the bottom I ran the old school route back to the dogpark. It was an easy run of about 6 miles on very light trail, though the humidity meant I was still soaked by the end.

When I got home, Nancy and Gavin had set up chairs outside and were enjoying the morning sunshine. It looked fun, so I decided to rustle up something quick for breakfast and join them.

This is what I came up with - yummy, fast and easy - another post-run favorite. Hope you enjoy it.

Egg and Cheese Mark-Muffin
(serves 1)

1 English muffin
1 egg (beaten)
1 slice cheese

1. Slice the muffin and toast it

2. While the muffin is toasting, break the egg into a round microwaveable container (about the same width as the muffin - a ziploc container is great for this). Beat the egg and microwave for 45 seconds (if the egg sticks, try spraying the container first)

3. Spread some mayo on the muffin, add the egg and the cheese and you're all done.


Anonymous said...

Use a really good cheese and this is much better than the processed sliced stuff. :-)

-Guess who!!

Mark said...

Hmm, who do I know who's a cheese snob? Gee, I wonder :-)

I used all the good stuff on yours anyway.