Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dirty old Day at Decker

I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning, and was so unmotivated to run the Decker half marathon. This was compounded by the fact that it was cold and rainy - a real dirty old day.

Last year we had much better weather, I ran the whole race with Clea and we treated it as a recovery run after racing Sunmart the day before. It was fun, we chatted the miles away and were finished before we knew it.

The year before I used the race as a speed workout before my first ultra the following weekend.

This year I had no illusions of running a fast pace, so I lined up by myself and just put my head down. I wore my long sleeved shirt from the Frankenthon marathon to keep the rain off my Garmin - I've destroyed far too many of them by running in the rain. I couldn't care less about my time, so other than starting it and stopping it at the finish line I didn't look at it once.

The race was very uneventful and really pretty boring - hills, rain, more hills, more rain - cold, wet, miserable. I finished in around 1:57 and was just glad to be done. I jumped straight in the car, put the heater up to high and headed home.

I feel much better after a long hot shower, so I'm going to build a fire, hunker down in front of it and make up a nice warming batch of my Guinness Irish stew for supper.

Sounds like a perfect way to spend a dirty old day.

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K said...

I have no idea how you run what you did yesterday and then get up and run today! Kudos!