Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow in the Forecast

Do you believe in earth energies or ley lines? That there are certain places that you are naturally attracted to? If there are such things, then Huntsville State park is one for me. I ran my first ultra there, first 50k, first 50 miler and first 100 miler. Whenever I go there I feel at peace and at home - it's my favorite place to run and I have some great memories.

So I'm excited to be packing to head up there for tomorrow's Texas Trails 50k. Not just because it's the first time I've been back since the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler back in February, but also because there's the possibility of snow. And I've never raced in the snow.

Still going to wear shorts and t-shirt though.

It's funny that this time last year I was peaking and about to smash my 50 mile PR at Sunmart. This year I'm just getting over the sinus cold that's been dogging me for the last few weeks, and my running has definitely tailed off since Cactus Rose, so I'm not expecting to break any speed records tomorrow. On the other hand I always run well at Huntsville, so we'll see.

Whatever happens I'll be sure to enjoy myself. And that's what really counts.

PS. my pacing services for the Rocky Raccoon 100 are still up for grabs. A few of you have enquired, so if you're still interested let me know and we'll work something out.

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DavidH said...

Mark - Have a great run in the woods! Fun trail.