Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas on the Trail

On Christmas Eve last year I went for a run in the woods with two pretty girls and came home without my wedding ring (though it's nowhere near as dramatic as it sounds). This morning I ran at Bull Creek with hurricane Tanner, who's training for Bandera and fuelled by his promise to "give you a good ass kicking, you smart mouthed Welsh f#$@er" (which is kind of ironic since he's the only person I know with a smarter mouth than me :-) ).

So I devised a route that started off wading through the freezing creek and then went straight up Blue Blazes, looped back down then did the switchbacks backwards (so they were all uphill) before reversing the usual route and finishing with another splash across the creek. It was a beautiful morning and a great way to kick off Christmas Eve. The sun was shining across Forest Ridge as we got to the top and we had the entire trail to ourselves. It's the first time I've been on trail in weeks, and I enjoyed myself.

The rest of the day will be spent listening to Christmas music and cooking - I love Christmas Eve because it holds the promise of so much fun to come tomorrow.

Oh, and after the high winds and storms last night I need to go outside and fix our Christmas decorations that were blown every which way.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

PS. while I enjoy Christmas music for the most part, there are some Christmas songs that are just completely annoying. I think the worst one is "Santa Baby" - I could put my foot through the radio every time it comes on!!!


John said...

Happy Christmas Marky, Nancy, Gavin, Dylan, Mum and Dad. Lots of love from John and Sue

Anonymous said...

merry xmas b.

btw, lemme do u hve the ph # of the pretty ones?


brendaontheRun said...

Happy Christmas Mark and all the best to you and the family for 2010!