Sunday, February 17, 2008

Austin Marathon

I ran the AT&T Austin marathon this morning - the fourth year in a row I've run this race. I've run two ultramarathons this season, but for some reason the marathon distance always seems to be the most difficult - maybe because I try to race it at a much faster pace. I do know that I'm feeling a lot more sore after this race than I was after either Sunmart or Rocky Raccoon. I knocked another 30 minutes off my best time to finish in 3:49:16 - an 8:45/mile average. I've had some calf problems this past week which I was nervous about, but I got away with it. I went out at a comfortable pace, which I maintained through the race and I was very happy with that. I walked through the final two aid stations and I also walked part of the hill on San Jacinto around mile 25.5. Other than that, I ran the entire race. By mile 20 I was ready to be finished, but I held on and was very happy with my time. Nancy took her bike and cycled round the course - she kept popping up and surprising me. All in all a very good day - extra large Mr Gatti's pizza tonight!!!

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