Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Good Weekend

The 10k down in Fredericksburg yesterday was fun. I met up with Clea, Stephanie and Steve just before the start and enjoyed myself. I had a relaxed run and finished in 47.40, which I'll take considering my lack of running (and complete lack of speedwork) for the last month. After the 10k Nancy and I did the kid's mile with Gavin. He alternated between sprinting all-out and having no interest at all in running. We were DFL by a long way, but we were so proud of him - he was by far the youngest kid doing the mile. After he collected his ribbon we explored Fredericksburg some and stopped at one of the local bakeries for lunch before heading home so I could finish off the painting.

And get this - the painting is finished. Hooray Henry!!! I finished up the detail work yesterday afternoon which is really tedious and a royal pain in the rear. Yes, I was the kid in kindergarten who always got into trouble for coloring outside the lines (and let's face it, when have you ever heard anyone credit their life's success to staying within the lines when they were four - uh, never!!!).

This morning I met Clea and Pancake for 9 miles on the greenbelt. It was the longest run I've done in a while, and we had light rain the whole way which is always fun. In fact, the recent rains have resulted in some flowing water and Pancake showed us the way by swimming across at the end. I followed her lead and we all enjoyed wading knee-deep in the water - bliss, and the best part of the run.

As ever, a great start to a Sunday.

Here are some shots from yesterday's race.

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Ryan V. said...

Fredricksburg rocks, dude.

I'll be in Austin/Shiner this weekend for the Great Austin to Shiner Pedal. Maybe we can hook up for a run Sunday morning????

p.s. I'm slooooooooow.