Friday, April 3, 2009

Austin is Beautiful....and Weird

Today was picture perfect in Austin, Texas. The sun was shining, the temperature was in the 70s and it was a beautiful day all round. I had the afternoon off to take Gavin to his ENT appointment, but his primary doctor's office never sent over the referral so we had to reschedule. I wasn't too annoyed because that meant we got to enjoy the afternoon together instead of sitting in a waiting room. We headed home to pick up his wagon and then set off down to Town Lake.

We walked together for a while and when he needed a break he jumped in the wagon. We meandered, talked, told stories, played with his toys and enjoyed ourselves. Here are some of the highlights.

1. We stopped by the edge of the lake and Gavin spotted a turtle coming up to the surface to eat a cookie. We spent a good 10 minutes watching it, the ducks, the fish, and chatting to a girl who stopped for her dog to swim. Gavin has gotten very talkative of late, and now he's started flirting as well - he's definitely kissed the blarney stone.

2. We were sitting on one of the benches playing with Batman and watching runners pass by when Gavin pointed at a very attractive young lady and said in an extremely loud voice "daddy, she's hot". She gave us a smile and I could swear she was blushing.

3. One of the local mottos is "keep Austin weird". Well, this afternoon we saw an oldish guy cycling along the hike and bike trail wearing nothing but a piece of string and a smile. And when I mean a piece of string, I literally mean "a piece of string" - his wrinkly old butt was hanging out each side of it. Gavin pointed at him and asked me why he wasn't wearing any clothes. I couldn't think of a reply.

4. There were two girls in a canoe being "menaced" by a swan. One of them was trying to shoo it away with her oar while repeating "ohmygodohmygodohmygod" over and over again.

I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday, and am looking forward to getting some running in this weekend.

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