Friday, April 24, 2009

Running in the Wildflowers

I'm off to Fredericksburg tomorrow to run the Wildflower 10k with some friends. I haven't run properly in weeks so I'll probably be really slow, but so what - should be fun. Gavin is signed up for the kid's mile and Nancy is looking forward to it too. Really I should be here in Austin doing the Texas Roundup 10k with the work wellness committee, but I skipped out on it. I guess there's something in my makeup that just enjoys rebelling and following my own path. Besides, the Roundup is a real meat market, and I hate crowds. Far better to do a small town race.

Unfortunately for me, word got out that I was jumping ship and the guys are now insisting I bring them back some Fredericksburg peaches as a penance. My pleas that it was too early in the season fell on deaf ears, so I offered to bring them back some wildflowers and warned them not to get the wrong idea.

They politely declined :-)


brendaontheRun said...

Hey Mark
Just a quick question - do you wear a heart rate monitor? If so, what type do you use?

Mark said...

Hey Brenda. No I don't use HRMs, but if I did I would probably have bought the 305 version of the Garmin Forerunner (I have the 205).

I've also heard good things about polar HRMs, but I have no experience with either. Sorry :-)