Thursday, April 2, 2009

Planting Tom

Last night we planted "Tom" - a chinquapin oak tree - in our front yard. To see where the sprinkler lines went we set them going, and before you could say "drowned rat" Gavin was in them. He loved getting soaked and ran around giggling like mad while I dug a hole for the tree. I don't even think he noticed.

Unfortunately I'm still under the weather. Took the day off work today as I had a rough night and was in no shape to do anything this morning. I hate taking any kind of medication, but Nancy force-fed me something or other this evening that seems to have taken the edge off it. Hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow.

I should know when I have a sucky run that means I'm coming down with something.

Anyway, I haven't run or done any kind of workout since Monday night. Nancy's in San Antonio again this weekend, but I've worked out a deal where I can run downtown on Saturday and Sunday and meet her in our work parking lot at 7 to get Gavin. That means I can start at 6 and still get in a nice 10k run. Hooray for "not too early" mornings. Think I'll have a go at the old Texas Roundup course - that's always a challenging workout.

Now I just need to get to feeling better.

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steve said...

Look after yourself Mark. Your body will probably thank you for some rest - don't jump back in too quickly (easier said than done of course...)