Monday, November 30, 2009

The Bionic Toe Strikes Again

I really should be a beta tester for running products. Over the past few years I've destroyed (or rendered inoperable) 6 Garmin Forerunners, 3 camelbak bladders, a countless number of socks, and stuck my big toe through the top of three pairs of Asics road shoes.

My latest victims are the Vibram Fivefinger KSOs I've been playing with for the past two months. Three runs - that's how long it took for my wiggly big toe to rip open the seam. Fortunately, a couple of emails to the very helpful customer support folks at Vibram and I'm mailing them back for a replacement pair.

Oddly enough it's the same big toe (the right one) that keeps ripping holes in all my socks. Maybe I need to superglue it to its nearest neighbor or find some other suitable method of subduing it.

***Riposte from right big toe***
Hey now, I know I'm hyperactive but who do you think dragged you through all those 100 milers you ran this year? I think a few sacrificial socks are a fair trade for my ultra services.
***End of riposte***

Note to self : when you start posting messages from your big toe on your blog, it may be time to seek help!!!

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