Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Old Friends and New Projects

I haven't run in about a week, but this morning I did an 8 mile "Southern Danish" with my friend Naresh. Except for a few passing moments at various stages of the Cactus Rose 100 I haven't seen him since the Darkside series back in the summer, and it was great to have a chance to catch up.

I'm still trying to shake this annoying cold, but when I wasn't hacking up a lung I noticed that Naresh was wearing his barefoot Vibram fivefingers. Now here's my confession dear blog - since I bought my Vibrams a few months ago I haven't run in them once. Sure I've used them a lot for walking and yoga and the like, and they're great.

But no running.

Part of it's due to the fact that I had a 100 mile race coming up, but the other part was that I've never really had any running injuries other than my ankles (touch wood), and I didn't want to introduce something that could cause a problem where none previously existed.

And mostly it's because I'm a big chicken :-)

But I am resolved to trying them out. So at some point this week I will go for a run with Nancy, actually wear them and report back.

In non-running news, I scored a great deal on a touchscreen LCD monitor last night. I think that I'm going to build some kind of "pub style" touchscreen party machine with it, so I'm going to get my design hat on, figure out exactly how I want it to look, and start drawing up woodworking plans.

Should be a fun project.

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