Friday, November 27, 2009

The Odd Couple

I woke up on Thanksgiving morning with a massive sinus headache, which nothing I did seemed to shift. Oh well, I figured that it would shift itself after awhile, so I sucked it up and went up to Walnut Creek for a nice early morning run with some friends, which loosened some cobwebs but did precious little for the sinuses.

But at least it got me home in time to get the turkey in the oven.

Lunch left me suitably stuffed, so in the afternoon I packed a few supplies and Nancy and I set off for Luling. Two friends - John and Naresh - were running an unsupported 100 miles along the highway, so we figured we'd bring them some encouragement and Thanksgiving fare - turkey, pumpkin pie, fruit, avocados, trail mix, iskiate, water, gatorade and coffee.

We caught up with them around mile 50 and enjoyed the picnic and spending some time with them. And talk about the odd couple - John is short and stocky and Naresh is tall and lanky. They were hilarious - arguing and bickering like an old married couple, and playing off each other like a comedy act which had us in stitches. Considering they'd been running since 1am, they were in remarkably good spirits. Wish I'd taken some photos though.

Suitably refreshed they continued on while Nancy and I headed down to Gonzales to explore the old town center before driving back up and meeting them again another 5 or 6 miles down the road to top them off with supplies.

We said our goodbyes and best wishes and headed back to Austin. I just hoped they didn't kill each other!!!

This morning the sinuses were a bit better, so I headed up to Brushy Creek for a nice easy 12 miles with some other friends followed by breakfast and Irish coffee (with the emphasis on Irish). I enjoyed the run and the company, but now I'm ready for a nap before deciding what to do with the turkey leftovers.

And I'm planning on staying well away from the post-Thanksgiving sales!!!

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