Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Final Countdown

No, not the song from that crap big hair 80s band, I mean the final countdown to the birth of Gavin's little brother. Nancy had a doctor's appointment today and the doctor said she thought it would be sometime in the next week. Holy crap, I guess I'd better get the crib put together.

Running has been a mixed bag this week. Monday night I ran at bull creek and my ankle was still not right. I felt a twinge every time I put weight on it and I just didn't trust it. Last night I did 6 miles of rocky hill repeats at Saint Edwards park - I felt great, ran strongly on the uphills and did fine on the downhills. Then this morning I finally caved in and broke out a brand new pair of road shoes for my early morning 7 miles - I felt like a kangaroo.

I've started doing daily flexibility exercises on my ankle, and hopefully it'll start to pay off. Nothing drastic - mostly toe points, foot flexes and circles - but they're easy enough to keep doing regularly. We'll see if it makes a difference.

On a lighter note, about a month or so ago a friend likened me to "running with the devil". Last night another friend dubbed me the "beast of the hills" (I assume they were referring to the uphills and not the downs).

I wonder if I need to change my aftershave??!!!!


Ryan V. said...

Dude, how can you trash Europe and The Final Countdown? That song rocks. I even made it the theme for Taffy's Marathon!

Mark said...

I thought I'd heard it somewhere recently. Sorry about that.

They're still crap though ;-)