Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Set of Firsts

I haven't run a single mile since last Monday, been kinda busy with other things. Not ideal preparation for next Saturday's "all nighter" 60k, but that's ok - I always finish (maybe not very quickly, but I always finish), and sometimes other things take precedence. Instead I've taken the opportunity to do some weight training at home - something I haven't done as much of as I should. Anyway, when you have an infant car seat and a newborn who loves to be swung in it, you don't need kettleballs. Boy do I have sore hamstrings right now!!!

And while I'm definitely feeling the effects of sleep deprivation, I'm also enjoying the delights of being a new dad again. Yesterday, Gavin and I took Dylan for his first walk in the stroller. We took turns pushing him around the block and enjoyed our first "boys time".

We have also "enjoyed" several sleepless nights. Dylan loves to be held, but definitely does not like to be laid down in his crib. Nancy and I spent the last few nights taking it in turns to hold him, and of course he needs feeding every few hours. Right now he has night and day swapped around which means he sleeps a lot more during the day than he does at night. Hopefully that will correct itself in a few weeks.

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