Friday, July 24, 2009

No Place like Home

Nancy and Dylan got discharged this morning and we finally got to bring him home. We're both tired because Dylan has turned out to be a night owl - he sleeps during the day and parties all night!!! I think things will get so much easier now we're home though.

I've spent a lot of time with Dylan cuddled up to me, and I love looking at him - I keep spotting faint echoes of myself in his little face. He also brought back great memories of Gavin at that age - they looked so similar. I lay down on the sofa this afternoon and Dylan fell asleep on my chest - I just lay there enjoying the "new baby" smell and good times.

And speaking of Gavin, he's been wonderful with his new brother. He's very gentle and very protective. I don't think he quite believes us when we told him he used to be that size though.

Since I can't help with feeding Dylan yet, I've been busy cooking since we got home - putting together stuff that we can use to make easy meals for the next few days. I grilled a whole bunch of chicken fajitas, baked some banana bread, made the sponge for some rustic Italian bread (which I'll continue tomorrow) and made some of Clea's yummy spinach quiche. Tomorrow I'll make some kolaches and a key lime pie - I also have some squash and mixed vegetables ready to grill and stir fry. I think we're covered on the food front.

And finally, back when Gavin was a baby I kept a count of how many times he peed on me. I stopped counting when I hit 30. So far, Dylan's nailed me twice.

And both times he grinned :-)

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