Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wild Welsh boy Tamed?

Ok, this is worrying. My first day of being 36 and I woke up this morning with an overwhelming urge to clean the house. WTF? Did Nancy slip something into my birthday cake? I even cut my morning run down to 15 miles in order to get home and have a good crack at the kitchen. And I did - I cleared and scrubbed the counter tops, wiped off the cabinets, put away my cast iron skillets (that have been sitting on the stove forever) and my other toys essential cooking tools, gave the floors a bloody good vacuum, mopped them, and cleared and cleaned the breakfast room. Hell, I even organized my running shoes (ie. got them off the floor where they are "constantly in the way") and relocated them in a tote in the closet.

Quite where this sudden burst of energy came from I don't know, but it won me some brownie points with the missus - she even checked to see if I was running a fever!!!

Of course, I'm now making some chicken pot pie with some of the beer can chicken I barbecued yesterday which means I'm going to make a mess of the counter tops all over again (hint: when you barbecue chicken, save the drippings - they make fantastic roasted potatoes).

Maybe I should have waited until I was done before cleaning them, eh?

I think I need a beer :-)


Anonymous said...

I hope you are listening to the cricket from your home town? Sadly at lunch ENgland are 97 for 3.

Mark said...

Yes, listening via the wonders of the BBC's internet radio. 188 for 3 now - come on Colly and Pieterson!!!