Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Know you're a runner if...'ve ever signed up for a race while sitting in a delivery room waiting for a baby to be born. Yesterday, while Nancy was in labor, we started talking about how she could get back in shape after the birth and we agreed that she needed a goal. So after a quick search on the netbook we both signed up for the Texas marathon on New Year's day - I'm in for the full and Nancy's in for the half.

I set my marathon PR in this race earlier this year, and it's a super fun small town marathon with all-you-can-eat pizza afterwards (which kinda sealed the deal).

We're looking forward to it, and I'll put a training plan together that will get her there.

PS.We're still in the hospital. Nancy and her dad are snoring away, and I'm typing this one-handed while holding a sleeping (and very contented) Dylan on my other arm - a highly useful skill. Who said guys can't multitask? :-)


clea said...

You know you're a runner if you are months away from even having your baby and you are already looking for a post delivery goal race (I am thinking Hogs Hunt...and always looking for a travel partner)

Yeah, we're obsessive.....

Mark said...

Very true :-)

Hog's Hunt could be a possibility.