Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Eeyore Club

Run you donkey!!!

I like a challenge, and sometimes I need to be challenged. So as part of my efforts to climb out of the running rut I've been wallowing in, I've come up with the idea of the "Eeyore club" and the "post work piglets". They are basically group runs I'm "posting and hosting" via an email distribution list, and consist mostly of friends I ran the Independence Relay with, along with the regulars from my Monday evening trail run. In case you're wondering, Eeyore is my shorthand for "Early Morning Yawning Runners", and the "post work piglets" are self evident. Some runs are no-drop and others are not, some are on trail and others on road. One of my buddies is now hosting several piglet runs, and hopefully others will follow suit.

The Eeyore runs take place on Friday mornings. I've been running with a buddy fairly regularly on Friday mornings, but this week will be the first "official" Eeyore run. They are usually between 6 to 8 miles, but since I have the day off work this Friday I've mapped out a longer-than-usual 11 miler to celebrate the last day of my 35th year (boo hiss - when did I get that old). It's an open invitation, so if you live in Austin and want to join us for an early morning (5am) road run, or just want to get on the Eeyore list, let me know.

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