Saturday, November 8, 2008

2008/2009 Training Season - Week 11

Saturday 11/8/08
road - 13 miles. Done - 1:48:40 (8:22 pace). Woke up with a stuffy head and just felt a little off. Didn't want to go run and wished I could stay in bed, so I just did the 13 with my group. Not a bad run, but felt harder than it should have.

Sunday 11/9/08
trail - 6 miles. Ran Ken's with Larry K. Nice steady run - finished in just under an hour.

Monday 11/10/08
trail - 5 miles. Done.
road - 6.5 miles. Done - ran with Henry and Naresh. We did our first nighttime traverse of Ken's loop and then switched into our road shoes and hit up some of the Ladera Norte hills. Nice enjoyable run with good company.

Tuesday 11/11/08
track - speedwork. Not done. A hailstorm and torrential rain stopped me from going to the track, so I did 50 minutes of aerobic weights instead.

Wednesday 11/12/08
trail - tbd

Thursday 11/13/08

Friday 11/14/08

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