Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Slippery Slope

Marathonguide.com is a very dangerous site dear readers. To see exactly what I mean, read on.

I discovered a really nice little race called the Texas marathon that takes place on New Year's Day in Kingwood, Texas. It's a small town race that sounded like a lot of fun (with lots of personal touches) and I figured it would be a good primer for Bandera, so before you could say "Auld Lang Syne" I'd signed up for it.

While signing up, I discovered the race was part of something called the "Texas Marathon Triple". If I completed it plus the Surfside Beach marathon (in February) and the Seabrook lucky trail marathon (in March) then I would get some super nice goodies for completing the series. So before you know it I'd signed up for all three.

While signing up for Seabrook, I also noticed they had a "Trail Challenge" - run the half on the Saturday and the full on the Sunday. What the hell, I signed up for it.

So in all I signed up for three marathons and one half, all intertwined with my Texas Trilogy ultras. I remember deciding that I wasn't going to run the Austin marathon this year because it was only 7 days after the 100 miler at Rocky Raccoon. So I am sitting here wondering why I've signed up for a marathon that's only 6 days after the 100 and run entirely along a sandy beach.

I guess it all makes sense in a crazy world.


Derek said...

As far a I can tell it makes perfect sense to an ultra runner!!

Jeff said...

You are completely out of control Mister....keep up the good work!!


johnt said...

That is funny, I actually looked at the same scenario last Wednesday when I signed up for Austin. hahaha

I didnt sign up for anything though.

Texas Marathon sounds good, you need a person to carpool with?

Mark said...

I think it was the post-race "all you can eat" pizza that swayed me. :-)

John - carpooling sounds good as I'll probably go and come back in one day with a really early start. You're welcome to come spend New Year's with us - I make a mean carb-loading spaghetti and meatballs!!!

steve said...

i can just about comprehend the multiple race sign-ups, but the marathon "run entirely along a sandy beach"?? - now that is crazy.

looks like 2009 is going to be a very interesting one for you!

good luck,


clea said...

Ok, it is intervention time. Actually, your energy is an inspiration. The Seabrook marathon sounds pretty cool. have a great Thanksgiving!

Mark said...

Steve - an interesting one indeed. That beach marathon offered "all you can eat" BBQ after the race. How could I say no to that. Are you seeing a pattern emerge?

Clea - my wife said something very similar :-) Happy Thanksgiving to you too - hope you enjoy the king Tut exhibit.