Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting Ready to Rock and Roll

Haven't been feeling great this week - sore throat and just kinda achy and lethargic. Hope I feel better soon because it's a big weekend - I'm doing 10 or 11 miles with the group tomorrow morning and then Sunday I'm running the inaugural San Antonio Rock & Roll marathon. Looks like it's going to be a zoo - sold out with 35,000 runners. I just found out today that I need to work on Sunday afternoon, so no post-run concert for me. I'll be heading down to San Antonio tomorrow after my run for packet pickup (no pickup on race day - we're spoiled by the ultramarathon race directors).

We had the day off Wednesday and I took a trip down to the courthouse and got my speeding ticket dismissed - hooray. We then decided to try a new restaurant for lunch - the "Fujian Grand Buffet" - which recently opened in the building the "Old San Francisco Steakhouse" used to occupy. The lunch buffet was a little more expensive than usual, but there was a lot of choice. You paid as you went in (which made sense seeing how large and busy it was), and they had at least 10 buffet tables, along with a decent sushi bar and a mongolian grill-style noodle bar. The dishes were mostly ok - nothing special - with the exception of the crab rangoon which was excellent. There was nothing particularly Fujian in style, but my main problem was the lack of labeling throughout the buffet. About 1 in 4 dishes were labeled, so you were never really sure what you were getting. The place was packed full of people, and maybe it was just me but it seemed as though almost everyone in there was as wide as they were tall.

Not a bad place, but I don't think we'll be going back any time soon.

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clea said...

Good luck tomorrow. Hope it is fun, and not to much of a circus. Maybe we do a trail run soon. It's been a long time...and I am breathing again!