Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lazing Around

While lying on the couch last night and eating my third piece of Halloween candy, I wondered if I might just be the laziest ultrarunner in history. I mean, sure, I like to get out there and run, but whenever I hear stories of people who spring up in the morning, jump out of bed and lace up their running shoes with grins that wouldn't be out of place in toothpaste commercials I realize just how much more I prefer lazing around eating chocolate (Twix is my favorite) and watching mindless TV. That's probably reason enough to make myself get up and get out right there.

Anyways, I finally got round to uploading some of our Halloween night pictures.

Batgavin does the rounds

Enjoying the haul and waiting for trick-or-treaters. We set up camp outside and dragged out the jukebox. Gavin seemed to enjoy handing out the candy even more than collecting it

Gavin resting after a good dance

Nancy opens a bottle of "Vampire" red wine while the jukebox pumps out Jace Everett's "Bad Things" - very appropriate

Gavin and Daddy in the Batcave

Even ace crime fighters need their bedtimes but this one didn't want to go inside and fell asleep where he was. Daddy carried him to bed later - still dressed as Batman.

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