Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Series of Unexpected Events

Well, Nancy was supposed to run the Texas Twister 30k trail race in Bryan this weekend while Gavin and myself worked an aid station, but she's sick and the Gavster is a little under the weather too so they're staying home. I've switched her registration to myself and bumped up to the 60k. I think I'm at the point that I could do with a nice long race to get a feel for where I am in my training.

And that also means I get to taper (ie not run) today and tomorrow. Woo hoo!!!


steve said...

good luck in the 60k and i hope batman makes a full recovery soon...(same goes for nancy of course)

enjoy the taper :)


johnt said...

Hey Mark, I am sorry to hear about the family, but glad you will be out there suffering with me. I dont see us finishing minutes apart from each other as I am slower than a turtle, but we can chat it up a bit at the start line.