Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Treats

Since I run at least 20 miles most Saturdays, I've found that I need something to look forward to afterwards. That something has become my sourdough waffles with syrup and butter - I spend quite a few miles anticipating that particular post-run treat. I bought Nancy a nice Belgian waffle maker a few Christmases ago - it was one of those things that we weren't sure if we'd use or not, but it turns out we use it all the time. It gets a very good workout most weekends.

I stopped off at HEB on the way home from my run yesterday to do the weekly grocery shopping and picked up some more pumpkin ale. Get this - I was carded!!!! Do you know how long it's been since I was carded? Just about made my day :-)

This weekend I've been experimenting with handhelds. I usually run with an Amphipod Hydraform but yesterday I decided to try the Nathan Thermal Quickdraw. While I liked the thermal insulation on the Nathan that kept the water cold a lot longer, I much preferred the ergonomic shape of the Amphipod. The Nathan bottle felt a little "fat" to hold and my hand felt like it was cramping a few times. If only Amphipod could come up with some kind of thermal sleeve for their bottle, it would be the perfect handheld.

This morning was extremely humid and I decided to experiment running Kens with 2 handhelds - something I've never done before. My plans for the winter ultras are to carry 2 handhelds - one filled with water and the other with either spiz or pedialyte (though for Rocky Raccoon I will use my camelbak for some of the loops). So I used my 2 amphipods and they felt very natural - in fact, they felt a little more balanced than just carrying the one. I can also spread my sports beans and gels out between the two.

I think I'm just about set on my trail socks too - I plan on using my Drymax trails with the Balegas as backup. The Balegas are my favorites for shorter runs, but the Drymax has a lot more padding and protection for long distance. As for shoes, I will use the Vasques for Sunmart, the Montrails for Bandera and a combination of the two (plus my road shoes for the last loop) at Rocky. At some point I also need to experiment with gators.

Things are coming together.

Finally, in these times of economic turmoil and recession we all need to laugh (and I don't mean the "I just checked my stock portfolio" type of laughter). Derek's chicken post certainly made me smile this morning. Check it out.

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johnt said...

Dirty Girl gaiters are the only way to go. I tried the Running Funky gaiters, but they have a rubberband on the part that goes around the ankle. When your ankles swell, it becomes painful. Plus that rubber band will eventually break. I have 3 pair of the Dirty Girl gaiters and will gladly let you try a pair. But for 13 dollars, just buy some. haha. The Dirties are handmade and have a reinforced hook for the bottom, plus they ship with a 6in strip of velcro, so there is enough for 3 or 4 pair of shoes.