Friday, October 3, 2008

The Joy of Experimentation

Tomorrow's race is all about experimentation ahead of my other big races this winter. I don't remember the last time I ran with music, but I have my ipod loaded up with a number of podcasts, an audiobook and all types of music from Country to Oldies to Hard Rock, Garage, House and even some opera and Les Miserables. We'll see what works - I haven't planned on using pacers for either Bandera or Rocky Raccoon so I may need something to distract me through the night. Hopefully a good audiobook will fit the bill.

I am also going to experiment with the Drymax "maximum protection" socks I have yet to use. I know the rule is to never try something new on race day, but I've never been one to follow rules and I've had good luck with the other Drymax socks. So I'm going to pair those with my Montrail Hardrocks and keep the Balegas in my dropbag for insurance.

One thing I do need to work on is nutrition while running - something I'm really bad at. I never plan for it, I just don't like stopping and really need to force myself to rectify that. I will stuff some sports beans, gu and a few salt tabs in my handheld. That plus whatever they have at the aid stations should see me though - I just need to be more disciplined about eating them. I'm also trying out a new pasta dish this evening - Italian sausage with broad noodles and red peppers in marinara sauce washed down by pumpkin ale. Yum yum - carb load nirvana right there.

In other news, I had the day off today and had a great morning. I visited the Half Price bookstore with Gavin and he was as good as gold. We looked at what I wanted, then spent some time having fun in the kids' section and both came away with stuff. I always love browsing because you can get some great bargains in the clearance section. Today I picked up "Angela's Ashes", "The Liar's Club", "New Orleans Stories", Mickey Spillane's "The Mike Hammer collection" and Sue Grafton's "K is for Killer" - all classic examples of particular genres - for $1 apiece. That lot should keep me busy for a while.

And lastly, Nancy pointed out that today is the 10 year anniversary of the day we first met at the bottom of Lake Travis. I can't believe it's been 10 years - time really does seem to accelerate the older you get. I was 25 when we were first shackled together - how did I get to be this old? I'd better continue to be nice to Gavin or he'll have me shipped off to a nursing home.

I wonder if they'd still let me run :-)

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