Thursday, October 16, 2008

Enter the Trilogy

Many great movies come in trilogies (think "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars") and sometimes so do races. I just filled out my application, wrote the check and mailed off my entry to the Sunmart 50 mile race - the last prong of the Texas Trilogy series of ultramarathons this winter. Sunmart is a special race for me because it was my first ultramarathon last year and I have very fond memories of it. What's more, if I manage to complete Sunmart, Bandera and Rocky Raccoon I will earn the iron coat rack pictured above for finishing the series. Pretty cool, huh?

Now I need to decide what to do about Decker. It is the day after Sunmart and is another of my favorite road races. It's a very hilly course and this year they are offering a full marathon as well as a half to celebrate the 30th anniversary. My brain tells me I should stick to the half, but the devil on my shoulder keeps whispering "do the full".

Whichever one I do, I can guarantee you this - I won't be breaking any speed records.

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