Saturday, October 18, 2008

2008/2009 Training Season - Week 8

Saturday 10/18/08
road - 12 miles. Done. 1:40:52 (8:24 pace). Ran nice and easy at Brushy Creek. Stopped at the turnaround to sweep the last runner. Walked/jogged the last half mile with a runner who was having stomach problems. Felt good.

trail - 6 miles. Done - untimed. Ran Kens with Nancy. Nice easy jog and chat. Haven't had the chance to run with my wife for a while - it was fun.

Sunday 10/19/08
road - 10 miles hilly. Done - got up super early to run Far West/Ladera Norte with Roger. Good challenging run, a cold clear morning and lots of deer.

trail - 8 miles. Done - met Clea and Pancake at the HOL. Nice relaxed run, great morning, good to catch up, enjoyable run. These are what Sunday mornings are all about - good times.

Monday 10/20/08
trail - 6 miles. Done - slow recovery run at Walnut Creek. Not one of my best.

Tuesday 10/21/08
road - hill repeats. Done - felt much better tonight. Did 10 forwards and another 10 backwards.

Wednesday 10/22/08

Thursday 10/23/08

Friday 10/24/08

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