Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hot Tub Resurrection

The hard (and hopefully dog proof) hot tub cover arrived last week and I cleaned out the hot tub and refilled it at the weekend. Unfortunately, one of the pumps had stopped working so we were unable to use it. Well today one of the super friendly guys at the spa shop came out to take a look. He took the motor apart and got it working again which was lucky as we might have been looking at a new motor for $$$. I can hear it bubbling away and heating up out there. I will take the next few days to balance the pH and make sure everything is good - we're all looking forward to using it by the end of the week.

I enjoyed an overdue day off from running today. While I had a really good session of hill repeats last night I really needed a break. I've been putting some good hard miles in recently so I don't feel guilty about taking a few days off.

I also spent part of the weekend putting together some training schedules for beginner runners at work. Since the marathon relays there's been a lot of interest in running and I haven't been able to get off the wellness committee. In fact I've gotten pulled onto another one to prepare work teams for the Texas Roundup. Apparently my weekly emails of training programs, tips, tricks, funny stories and bad jokes have been very popular. I have put together a 10 week program for walkers to transition to running for 20 minutes nonstop, another to get them to 30 minutes, and intermediate schedules specifically geared toward 5k and 10k events we've earmarked.

I was talking to some friends today about the 100 pushups website. Now I've hardly done any pushups since I completed the program several months ago and I need to get back into it. So this weekend I will start off again at week 4 and see how it goes.

Oh yeah, I mailed in my application form for the Decker half today. Let's see how I handle those hills after a 50 miler the day before.

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steve said...

What a busy guy you are!

Enjoy the hot tub and thanks for the push ups plug :)