Tuesday, October 7, 2008

King of the Hill Repeats

Wow, I had one of those nights tonight where everything came together. I felt great and blasted the hill workout. Ran a mile to the hill, banged out 12 repeats, finished off with another one backwards and then ran back to the car. Considering I had such a crappy race on Saturday, this was a timely morale booster for me.

Also got an email from James to say that he was OK after yesterday's altercation with the tree branch and he'd be back out next Monday night for some more trail action. Just goes to show you can't keep the Brits down.


steve said...

Oggy Oggy Oggy!

Mark said...

Oy oy oy!!!

Oddly enough I was listening to Max Boyce's classic "Live in Treorchy" recording on the old ipod for the last 30 minutes of the Trail Twister race last weekend. Got a few funny looks when I came round the last bend to the finish line chuckling to myself.