Monday, October 27, 2008

Ken's Nirvana

I had a wonderfully enjoyable run tonight. Shawn and James couldn't make it, so it was just Bill and myself. We were both tired from hard workouts this weekend - me from running, Bill from cycling - so we decided to take it easy. That lasted for all of a few minutes before we started pushing the pace. We didn't really hammer any of the trails, but neither did we stop at any intersections. The weather was perfect - cool with a slight chill in the air - and we just kept on running and chatting when a strange thing happened. The further we went, the better I felt and by the time we hit the flats I was flying. All the tiredness and soreness had disappeared and we made it back to the dogpark right at 59 minutes and I felt like I could just keep going. I took a headlamp with me but never needed it and we both agreed that it had been one of the best runs ever - I wish I could bottle it.

Tonight's run also took me past 200 miles for the month of October which is a first for me - I'll sleep well tonight.

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