Saturday, October 25, 2008

2008/2009 Training Season - Week 9

Saturday 10/25/08
road - 30 miles. Done - 4:33:41 (9:07 pace). Got up ridiculously early (3:30am) and was up in Round Rock and running by 4:30am. Ran 23 miles by myself and 7 with the group, so I got the long solo run I was looking for. It was a beautiful crisp and clear morning and I had plenty of time to reflect and remember. I slowed down a bit for the last few miles, but overall my splits were pretty even.

Sunday 10/26/08
road - 10 miles hilly (Ladera Norte). Done. Ok, I felt this after yesterday's 30 miles. Dang, there are some nasty hills in here.

trail - 6 miles. Done. Finished the road portion and got back to the dogpark to find a group of friends waiting to go out on Ken's. They convinced me to join them (to be honest it didn't take much). Nice relaxed run, although I did take a good fall which left me with several extra flaps of skin.

Monday 10/27/08
trail - 6 miles. Done - ran Ken's with Bill in 59 minutes. One of the best runs ever.

Tuesday 10/28/08
track - speedwork. Done - 6 x 400 repeats with 200 recovery between. Chased guys who are far faster than me. Could tell I haven't done speedwork for a long time.

Wednesday 10/29/08
easy 4-6 miles/rest

Thursday 10/30/08

Friday 10/31/08

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