Sunday, September 28, 2008

Batgavin and the Trail Bandits

Yet another sure sign that Fall is coming, we went shopping for a Halloween costume for Gavin today. He's into Batman at the moment (the old 1960s Batman - pow, kaboom and "holy camp comedy") and wanted to be the caped crusader. Here he is posing with "Trail Bandit Daddy" and "Catwoman Mummy" (boo hiss).
Here's another thing I learned today - Gavin really loves ice baths. Ever since he discovered them last week he's been wanting to try another one. The opportunity arose today because I felt a little stiff on this morning's run after yesterday's fast 20 miler (plus I seem to have misplaced my stick). Gavin was excited and jumped in the bathtub with me right after we added the ice - and he stayed for the entire 20 minutes. I swear that boy just doesn't feel the cold - I needed a big mug of hot chocolate to help me stay put.

Holy ice cubes Batgavin!!!

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