Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Things you See

As I was driving into Dallas last week I passed a giant billboard advertising a local undertaker's services. They were exceedingly happy to announce an "Early Fall deal" and were offering an "all in" price of $999. Passing motorists were urged to call immediately - there must be some bloody strange impulse buyers in Dallas.

And moving on to impulse biters - it serves you right. That's the first thing that came to mind (between fits of laughter) when I read this story about a Welsh angler who caught a blue shark off the coast of Devon and was then bitten while having his picture taken with it. The best comment of the article came from the Shark Trust who confirmed this was not a shark attack. "When you've stuck a hook in something's mouth and dragged it through the water and put it on a boat, you've basically attacked the shark. If the shark accidentally bites you it's hardly its fault." Brilliant.

And finally a big hello to readers in my hometown of Neath, South Wales. One of the local papers there came across my blog recently, read about my plans to run a 100 mile race and wrote an article about me - I guess not too many folks from Neath move to Texas and run ultras. The article was published last week - my dad called me all excited and read it to me. I think he's carrying it around town with him.


johnt said...

That bit about the undertaker was funny. And that's about par for the course in Dallas.

cymrusteve said...

A star from Neath! Congrats on the newspaper article Mark...

The only other guy I know from Neath is Leighton Morgan - worked with him for several years.

Nice billboard by the way,