Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Ice Story

Let's get the running part out of the way.

I decided to go ahead with the long run this morning and got to Old Settlers early to do a pre-RRFit 6 miles. It was a nice uneventful run, though I probably didn't take it as easy as I should have. Got back to the pavilion, picked up my group and set off on an 8 miler. I ran hard for the first few miles and waited at the turnaround to cheer on the guys before sweeping the last runner. Once we got back into the park, I upped the pace again and finished a very pleasant run. Nancy arrived with Gavin soon after, I put him into his jogging stroller and we took off for another 8 miles. This eventually turned into just 7 miles as we explored a new housing development with some lovely Cape Cod style cottages. I was happy with a 21 mile morning and we decided to call it a day.

So here's the good part. I needed to take an ice bath when we got home to minimize soreness for tomorrow's race, and Gavin was getting excited about pouring ice on daddy. So I dumped off my shoes, socks and shirt, climbed into the bath in my running shorts and filled it with cold water to cover my legs. Gavin enjoyed splashing me from time to time, but I could tell he was plotting evil deeds with the ice. He and Nancy carried the ice reservoir in from the freezer and he took great delight in pouring it all in. Of course, I hammed it up and squealed and complained every step of the way. Once the ice was in, he found it was extremely funny to grab pieces of ice and throw them down in the water so they splashed me. Then he got brave, dug his hands in and started splashing me. Let me tell you, that water was c-o-l-d. Finally I had enough and started splashing him back. Well, he thought that was hilarious, started giggling and doubled his efforts. I told him that if he didn't stop, I was going to pull him in.

What I did not expect was for him to think this was a great idea, and before I knew it he'd hopped in and was standing in the bath kicking water over me. Kicking ice water over me. When I complained that it was cold, he stopped, looked at me, and slowly sat down. "No it's not" he said and continued his splashing frenzy.

Humbled. By a 3 year old.

So I decided to splash him back and what followed was a riotous water fight - in an ice bath!!! That water was freezing cold, but I couldn't complain because Gavin was getting as good as he was giving and laughing fit to burst. There was water everywhere, and we were both soaking and laughing our heads off. When Nancy came to see what the commotion was all about, she couldn't believe it. In all, he was in the ice bath with me for a good 5 minutes and it didn't affect him one bit.

So the next time I chicken out of an ice bath, or boast about "mental toughness" (see yesterday's whiny post) I will remember the lesson I learned today from my 3 year old son, shut my mouth and just get on with it.

Needless to say, I am very proud of him. We sat down for sourdough waffles and pancakes afterwards (which really hit the spot) and he's now sitting on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket and watching Nemo.

I think I'm going to join him.


Derek said...

WOW, I hate to even put my foot in a bucket of ice water. That has to be the most painful thing in the world. Good luck in your race!

Mark said...

Thanks Derek. The trick to ice baths or ice buckets is to get yourself in there first and then add the ice. It's a bit less painful that way - still not much fun though :-)