Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things that go Wrong when you're Away

So I didn't get to the gym last night. I was about to go down (I promise I really was) when my mobile rang. It was my wife, calling to tell me that the air conditioner had gone out, the DVR was refusing to connect to the backend server (I built my own DVR last year using MythTV under linux) and that "my son" was being a monster. For some reason, whenever I go to Dallas on a business trip, something like this happens. Last time I got caught in a freak hailstorm halfway there and my windshield wiper got busted up. The time before that, Nancy's car died the day I left and she had to ride the bus every day. At least this time it's easily fixed. The A/C guy is coming to look at it tomorrow and Gavin is obviously just missing his dad. I think the DVR just needs the modem and router to be recycled and it'll be fine.

Back in my world, the office I'm visiting is really nice. It is on Lake Carolyn and I took advantage of the surroundings at lunch and took a nice stroll along the waterways. I found a bench by the water, ate my lunch there and read my book. I'm reading "The Perfect Mile" which is the story of three athletes - Roger Bannister, John Landry and Wes Santee - striving to break the four minute mile in the 1950s. It is beautifully written and weaves the story in and out of their contrasting backgrounds, taking in their differing circumstances, motivations and the world to which they belonged. It is both humorous and poignant, an echo of a bygone era.

And yes - I did manage to get to the gym tonight. I needed to as well - if I traveled for business more often, I'd be as big as a house.


GandaMan said...

If you're still in the DFW area this evening, my wife and I are goining to the movie theater at Northeast Mall (not too far from the airport) to watch Dean Karnazes' 50 marathon/50 days movie. Shoot me an e-mail if you're interested.

Mark said...

Hey, thanks for the invite man. I wish I'd checked in earlier - that sounded like fun.

yoyo said...

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