Thursday, July 10, 2008

Can you Push it?

No, not very well. I've always been pretty crap at pushups, so when I came across this website the other day I got real interested. I just did the initial test and surprisingly managed 31 good form pushups before collapsing in a pathetic pile of twitching arms. The plan has a schedule of three workouts a week for six weeks, building up to executing 100 pushups in one go. Sounds simple enough and it's quite the online craze at the moment. I will start week 1 on Sunday and see how bad I really am. Anyone else fancy giving it a go?

Running plans for the weekend include a memorial run for a club member who died on a stormy night on the greenbelt a year ago, and a hilly road run followed by an equally hilly trail run on Sunday. Then the week after it's the El Scorcho 50k. Happy trails everyone.


Bruce said...

Good luck with your 100 pushups, Mark.

BTW that el scorcho run sounds insane.

Mark said...

Thanks Bruce, I may need all the good luck I can get :-)

Looking forward to El Scorcho - should be a fun night and race.