Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Sock Crusade

I ran Ken's loop this morning and the ankle felt a lot better. I still babied it on the majority of the trail, but it felt much stronger and I was a lot more confident in trusting it. However, I have discovered a very worrying situation - my running socks are being kidnapped. Yes that's right, innocent wicking foot servants are being systematically and ruthlessly taken from my sock drawer never to return. I have yet to receive a ransom note, but what else could it possibly be? I struggled to find a pair to run in this morning and I have no idea where they have all gone.

For years I did all my road running in Ultimax Ironman socks and loved them - zero blisters. But I have discovered that some corrosive element inherent in trail running makes these beloved old warriors very brittle and I have torn at least three pair in the last few months. So I have been experimenting with Injinji Tetrasoks (the ones with the toes) instead. I have heard a lot of good things about them but I don't know if I like them or not, so this morning I browsed the Running Warehouse (one of my favorite online running stores) and bought a selection of different types of sock to try out. The great sock experiment - I will let you know how it goes.

And while I was browsing, I found a great deal on trail shoes at the Sierra Trading Post. Their Montrail Hardrocks and Vasque Velocity shoes were on closeout, there was an extra 20% off for July 4th weekend, and I found a coupon for an additional 15% off that. Result - I ended up with two pairs of really good trail shoes for around $90. I've been running in Hardrocks for a while, but I've been wanting to try out the Vasque Velocities for less technical trail, so I will get to play with them too.

And finally, some good news from the great sourdough experiment - the bitch is bubbling. I didn't expect to find any activity so soon, but took a peek this morning and those lovely little yeast seem to be having a burp party. Not getting too carried away in case it's a false fermentation, but I'm very hopeful of success.

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clea said...

I LOVE sourdough. Sounds like post run pancakes are at your place next time!

BTW, my favorite socks are Smartwools. Used to be Injinjis , but they are cold in the winter. Smarties rule.