Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pushup Challenge : week 1 day 2

Plan : 12, 12, 10, 10, at least 10
Actual : 12, 12, 10, 10, 25

Well today was week one, day number two of the pushup challenge. I kept on top of the schedule and was happy to manage 5 more on the final set than I did last time. The hundred still seems a long way off though. Congratulations to my pal Jeff for a strong start to his pushup challenge. Anyone else out there doing this?

I've been co-opted onto the "health and fitness" committee at work, and have been given the task of assembling and coaching a team of runners to compete for the Governor's Cup at the Silicon Labs Austin marathon relay. Going to my first committee meeting tomorrow morning, so should be interesting. Guess that's yet another race to add to the calendar.

Unfortunately the trip to the Guadalupe mountains looks like it's off. I will be up in Dallas until the Friday evening before labor day, and may need to be back there directly after (I have a lot of deadlines coming up). Plus I have coaching commitments with Round Rock Fit, and that Saturday is the first real chance to meet up with my group. It turns out my buddy busted up his ankle again last night and may not be able to make it either. He is also no longer planning on running the Cactus Rose 100, which is a bloody shame since I once said that if he didn't run it then I would. Fortunately I think I may have found another buddy who needs a pacer, so that may be my "out".

And speaking of ankles, mine is fine. I tried out some different trail shoes last Saturday - Vasque Velocities - and I loved them. They were very comfortable and I felt like I could run a long way in them. Enough to tempt me away from the Montrail Hardrocks? We'll see.

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