Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Stash

Ooooh it's just like Christmas. Now why, you ask yourself, is this crazy boy taking pictures of shoes and socks? Well, this is all the stuff I ordered at the weekend (artfully arranged). Everything arrived today and we spent a happy half hour or so trying on various combinations of socks and shoes while Gavin played with the empty boxes. In a weird moment of "role reversal", Nancy had the cheek to ask me why I have so many shoes!!! I have packed all the running socks away in the Montrail box so I know where they are. Have to guard against those socknappers.

The great sourdough experiment has hit a small snag - the "bitch" became contaminated and started smelling like old socks, so out she went. All is not lost though as I started another batch when I noticed she was doing poorly and it seems to be going much better. The "son of the bitch" is still eating well and looks (and smells) a lot healthier. Let's hope that's not famous last words.

I ran with my buddy tonight and we talked about a trip to run the Guadalupe mountains we've been planning for labor day weekend. I hope we get to go because it sounds like a lot of fun. Nancy is looking forward to it too, and we may plan on taking a few days extra and taking in the Davis mountains and the Carlsbad caverns while we're out there.


Leah said...

Wpw-that sounds like a really great trip!
I love the red & gray shoes. My husband owns at least 5 times the shoes I do. ;)

Mark said...

Thanks Leah. Maybe there has been a cosmic shift and guys are now the main purchasers of shoes!!!!