Friday, August 1, 2008

Back Home

Pushup Challenge : Week 3 day 3
Plan :
30, 22, 22, 20, at least 27
Actual : 30, 22, 22, 20, 30

This was the hardest day of the pushup challenge so far - the first time that I wondered if I would complete them all. But I did and am now officially at the halfway point. I did 124 pushups tonight - bring on week 4. I also realized that I've been cheating myself and only taking 60 seconds break between sets for the last four weeks (day 2 of each week is supposed to get 90 seconds and day 3 gets 120 seconds). That will teach me to read the rules properly.

Anyway, I'm back home in Austin, but not without one of my "idiot" moments this morning. As my hotel room had a fridge, I bought a carton of milk on Monday evening. I figured I'd better finish it off before I left so I grabbed it and took a big swig from the carton. Unfortunately, unknown to me, the fridge was not working and the milk was off - and I mean way off. I ended up with a mouth full of clear liquid and a whole bunch of solid yuck left at the bottom of the carton - nice.

But I had a nice relaxing drive back from Dallas this afternoon. Made pretty good time - just over 3 hours. I put a Patricia Cornwell audiobook in the cd player as I left the parking garage in Dallas and it finished just as I was turning into my neighborhood. It was nice to spend a few days away, and I met a good bunch of folks, but it's nice to be back home too. I'll be headed up there again at the end of August.

And it was nice to find the air conditioner working again. Not so nice to see the $500 bill for fixing it though. Oh well. The DVR is still not quite right - it seems to have developed some kind of timing issue on startup between the backend, the database and the client (I wonder if little fingers have been pressing buttons). I managed to get it up and running by inserting a 30 second delay into its boot up time while I figure out what the problem is (don't see anything in the log, so maybe the database just needs a reorg).

Tomorrow morning I have to get up early to do my run with the work group I'm coaching for the marathon relay. I've split up the groups into 2 runs, and I plan on going out with the 10k group and getting back in time to go out with the 5k group as well.

I also have the coach's meeting with Round Rock Fit coming up in a few weeks at the Main Street Grille in Round Rock. Looking forward to seeing all my friends again, and Main Street put on a really good spread last year. Should be a fun night.

And Sunday I'm back into cheerleading mode as Nancy is doing the Jack's Generic triathlon. It's at the Texas ski ranch and is her favorite triathlon of the year.

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