Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Run Rage

I ran hard on the treadmill tonight, and I ran fast (for me) - I did a mile in 5:58. Here's a good tip - if you want to run fast, run angry. I did something this evening I thought was impossible and picked a fight with a project manager I've never met back in Austin whilst still in Dallas. I have nothing against project managers - I spend a good portion of my time being one - but his toys came out of the pram, petulantly aimed at one of my customers and one of my folks for doing something I'd asked her to do without telling him first. Nothing is guaranteed to get my back up more quickly than bully boy tactics, and I sent his toys flying straight back at him. I spend so much of my time trying to change my clients' low opinion of IT folks it's frustrating when this kind of thing happens. I ended up telling him he needed to come talk to me when I get back next week. Should be an interesting meeting.

Maybe I should calm down beforehand though, and the perfect opportunity has presented itself with Monday's Free Day of Yoga. Studios throughout Austin are offering free classes - I haven't been to a live class for nearly a year, so I may just go along to one. Don't think I'll be going here though.

Just watched old Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic convention. I have to say, whether you love him or hate him, the guy is still amazingly charismatic. When he was President, we loved him back in Britain (just like the Americans loved Maggie Thatcher and Tony Blair I guess).

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johnt said...

Tony Blair was one hellva PM! I loved that dude!