Saturday, August 9, 2008

Book Competition

Steve Spiers, the guy behind websites like hundred pushups, Run Bulldog Run, Cymru66 and "I want a volkswagen bus" is running a competition to win Dean Karnazes new book "50/50 : Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days". Steve is a very talented runner and his websites have some excellent training tips (plus he's another Welsh guy) so take a look and check it out.

I ran 7 miles downtown with Shawn this morning and had a great run. We headed North from Congress, up Speedway to 49th, cut across to Red River, turned right on 38th, ran the evil hill to Duval, came back down through UT, up the hill on San Jacinto to 12th, through the Capital and back up to Congress. I wore my new Asics GT-2120 shoes and they felt great. No blisters.

So the Olympics have started, but one thing we won't be seeing are the flags of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland due to a crazy ruling by the IOC to ban the flags of non-competing countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will compete under the banner of Great Britain). Spectators with "unauthorized" flags face having them confiscated and athletes may be disqualified for displaying them. Apparently this is to prevent protesters displaying the flag of Tibet. Good to see the Olympic ideal of freedom and harmony is alive and well.

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cymrusteve said...

Hey Mark - thanks for the quadruple mention! The contest is proving to be quite popular already and I'm sure your plug will help the cause.

Shame about the Welsh flag huh? What a crazy ruling. Should be a great couple of weeks though....

Happy Miles!