Saturday, August 30, 2008

2008/2009 Training Season - Week 1

I have noticed that the simple act of writing down my training plan makes it far more likely I will do it, so here is my idea. Each week I will post my coming week's running schedule on this blog, thereby shaming myself into actually getting out there and completing it. As the week goes on, I will update the post and fill in whether or not I did what I said I was going to. I have also added a cumulative running log to the LHS of my blog to track this season's endeavors. So keep a careful eye on me oh faithful reader, but be warned - I am sneaky and cunning. If I miss a day, I have access to an arsenal of wonderfully creative excuses, so feel free to heckle me mercilessly.

Saturday 8/30/2008
road - 5 miles (RRFit). Done - 38:03 (7:37 pace)

Sunday 8/31/2008
trail - Ken's Loop (6 miles). Done - easy paced with Paul and Gordon.
road - Lake Pflugerville (3 miles). Done - slow jog with Nancy.

Monday 9/1/2008
Crew Nancy for her Olympic triathlon. Done - she did great.
Yoga. Done - did a "Hot Yoga" class. Enjoyed it.
50 pushups. Done.

Tuesday 9/2/2008
am - road - 6 miles. Done - 52:48 (need to get the dog back in shape)
pm - road - hill repeats. Done - 6 repeats on Bluff Canyon

Wednesday 9/3/2008
am - trail - 6 miles. Done - 6 miles at Walnut Creek w/Clea
pm - road - easy 4 miles. Done - downtown w/Nancy and Jeff

Thursday 9/4/2008
pm - core workout. Done - did Ron Perry workout

Friday 9/5/2008

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