Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Circus is in Town

We visited the circus last night and Gavin had a great time. He had never seen elephants or tigers before and everything was new and wondrous. For me, it was slightly different. The ringmaster looked like Apollo Creed, the tiger master like Al Bundy and I really don't like the idea of these proud and majestic animals being paraded around and made to perform silly tricks. I love tigers and it was sad to see. To add to all that, I was feeling pretty rotten - I haven't been feeling great all week, not been sleeping and I was really struggling last night. The clowns were annoying and the acrobats impressive, but to be honest I was glad when it was over.

So we got home around 11pm and I was still feeling nauseous and unable to sleep. My stomach was bothering me, I had a headache and was just miserable. I finally drifted off somewhere in the wee hours only to have a very vivid dream involving my being chased by a rabid dog. Isn't is strange how realistic dreams seem when you're not feeling well? This one was so realistic that I woke myself up with what my wife described as a "little schoolgirl scream". Very embarrasing. I finally woke up this morning feeling the same way but had to make myself go to work because I had some meetings I couldn't miss.

I'm still feeling under the weather this evening, but I had the pushup challenge exhaustion test to get out of the way. Didn't feel that confident going in, but managed to do 70 good form pushups to keep me in the top group going into the final week. Suddenly the 100 pushups doesn't seem that unrealistic.

I'm hoping I can shrug off whatever this is by the weekend because I have a full running program lined up. Round Rock Fit kicks off again on Saturday which marks the start of my official running season. I will be helping to do setup, signing people up and then making sure everyone gets around the 3 mile course.

Then Sunday is a trail run followed by a downtown run with my work group.

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