Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ice Bath Splash Wars

Did 23 miles this morning. I know I keep saying that I've lost a yard of pace, and I really feel like I have, but I did the 23 miles in 3:13, most of it by headlamp in the dark. That equates to roughly a 3:40 marathon, and I didn't really push it, so maybe I'm being a bit hard on myself. I guess the true test will be how fast I can run the 10k tomorrow.

But 23 miles is 23 miles, and with the race in the morning I decided to have an ice bath when I got home.

Now I remember what happened this time last year and I wondered if Gavin would still be so eager to jump in the freezing water. Yep, no hesitation. He was straight over the side and sat down in the ice while my teeth were still chattering and I was holding on to my coffee for dear life. Now I know I'm biased, but I don't know of any other 4 year old who would do that. I'm proud of my brave boy, but that also meant I had to work hard to save face when he started splashing me (of course). Ice bath splash wars ensued, and IT WAS FREEZING COLD.

We both got in trouble with Nancy for all the water on the bathroom floor, but it made the 20 minutes fly by :-)

Good times.

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