Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Midweek Milestone

Autumn sunset at the top of St Eds park

Today was the first time I've ever run 20 miles in the middle of the week. This morning I did a 10 mile "Southern Danish" around downtown, and this evening I did 10 miles of hill repeats on the trails at St Eds park.

The trail run was amazing. Although it was noticeably cooler I was still sweating like a politician on a lie detector, but I felt so good. I did stop part way through the last loop to take the above picture with my new phone, and then I finished the run in the dark to the soundtrack of coyote howls.

It may just be the nicer weather, but I could swear those hills are getting a lot easier. I should really be sore right now, but I'm not. That's good - I feel as if I'm running myself back into form for Cactus Rose.

What's not so good is the continued lack of sleep. Dylan was literally up all night last night, and so were we. He was still going strong when I left for my run at 4am, but he'd finally crashed by the time I got home.

Yes it can be frustrating, but he's got this great little smile he uses on me that melts me every time. And sometimes when I'm cuddling him and singing to him, he looks at me with such a wonderful expression on his face it takes my breath away.

But I still hope to God he decides to sleep tonight because we need it.

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