Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Out of Step

I love rules. If there were no rules I wouldn't have anything to break. This time last year I was incurring the wrath of my fellow coaches for daring to do the group road hill workouts two nights in a row - you could have sworn I'd spat in their Gatorade!!! Well this year I've learned my lesson and mended my ways - now I only do the group hill workout on Wednesdays.

But life is no fun if you follow the rules completely, so on Tuesdays I just do trail hill repeats instead :-)

Anyway, tonight was the first Wednesday road group hill workout of this season and I put my foot in it again. It was pouring with rain when I got there to find out they'd canceled the workout and were sending everyone home. Without thinking, I blurted out "to hell with that, it's only rain - I'm going to go run some hills".

Whoops, maybe not the best thing to say, shame on me (haha). But three folks immediately asked if they could come with me, so the four of us headed off to the hill while everyone else headed home. We had a good workout and got on really well - none of them were in my group but I enjoyed getting to know them. Two of them hadn't done hill repeats before, so I went over a few of the techniques and mental approaches to hill running and then we hit the hill.

We had a great workout and I was in my element - I love running in the rain.

I tell you something scary though - running hills was a lot easier this time last year. Coach Gavin may have had something to do with that - last year I spent a good few weeks over the summer running hills with him sitting on my shoulders. I may sneak in some extra road hill repeats on Sunday and revive that tradition.

I wonder how many I can do with him now that he weighs 44lbs though.

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