Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Sock Assassin

Had a very solid 37 miles of training runs this weekend. After yesterday's 22 miles (followed by an hour of core), I got up early again this morning and did a good 10 miles of hills around Ladera Norte. Then I switched into trail mode and hammered the trails of Bull Creek. I attacked all the uphills, made hay on the rest and was very pleased with myself - that's the way I hit those trails in the build-up to Bandera last year.

My conditioning is in a good place because I'm not feeling tired or sore - what a difference a month makes. Another hour of core or pilates later today will round out a kick ass weekend of training.

My plan for this week includes cross training on Monday, 11 miles of road and 10 miles of trail hills on Tuesday, an easy recovery run on Wednesday morning and road hill repeats in the evening, cross training on Thursday and Friday off.

Yeah, I think I'm getting into both physical and mental shape to tackle the Cactus Rose 100. 6 weeks to go - if I've timed this right, I will peak right at the end of October.

On the flip side, I have discovered that I am a sock assassin!!! One of my favorite running socks are the Wrightsock double layers, and I have worn holes into several pairs - in some cases I've worn through both layers!!! The same applies to my Drymax, Balegas and Wigwams. And it's not just socks - my toes have worn holes in my last two pairs of road shoes too. I don't know if I have hyperactive toes or just really sharp toenails.

Can toes be considered weapons of mass destruction?


steve said...

Must be a Welsh thing. My big toe (or great toe as it seems to be called over here), constantly pokes holes in socks and eventually wears through the shoe upper too. Quite bizarre really....

Mark said...

Yep, that's exactly it.